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[IP] Say what?

Lazar wrote:
<The Manif. is OK! No one can translate Calories into Carbs!>
--Carbs are 4 calories per gram and they can do this in a laboratory.

<The books do that:  Calories / 8. That is NOT real number for most of the
food I know.>
--Please explain this "calories / 8."

<I don't take cal. into account, but I don't eat then too...>
--In other words, you don't eat food. All foods have calories, so, you do
actually eat them.

<I prefer ice cream but NOT Pizza. Pizza is terrible slow Carb with
Low GI.>
--Many folks prefer the slower foods in order to prevent 'spikes' in their
BG levels. So is pasta and many vegetables.

Jenny Sutherland
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