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[IP] Waterproof

Wylieyoung wrote:
<    I agree that this occurrence was probably some sort of freak type of
thing.  I just think that everyone should be aware of the possibility of
type of thing happening.  I bought Claire's H-tron after learning about this
incident, even gave the Sales Rep the entire report about it.  And I bought
the H-tron because I believe it to be the best pump on the market for my
daughter to use, given all the criteria important to us.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7>

I think she was talking about the other case...not the listmember. I have
gone to the site and have seen the reports and also know they have not been
able to replicate the activity of 'dumping' the whole cartridge.

I also agree, she may not have seen the pump in question as 3-4 of the cases
on the site "said" the reporter took no further action and did not send the
'faulty' pump in to be inspected.

I give up. I haven't had any diffs at all with it so I'll swim away and
leave it be.... I too chose it for various reasons, waterproof was the main
one of course, but I'll just carry on.

I'm on digest now, so that's why I answer sporadically.

Jenny Sutherland
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