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RE: [IP] "sugar free" and carbs

Funny story-  When I was dx'ed in 7th grade, one time my friends had a 
party, and being the wonderful caring people that they are, bought a ton of 
sugar-free candy and ice cream, and even made a tasty fruit pie using no 
extra sugar OR artificial sweeteners...(that was the best-tasting thing I've 
ever had and don't I wish I still kept in touch and could gbet the recioe!) 
but the candy was awful.  Of course, I'd already experienced that gas and 
stomach ache that the sugar-free stuff caused, so I told my friends and we 
all stayed away from it.  Well, this boy that some of us didn't like too 
much came to the party, and we "forgot" to tell him about the sugar-free 
candy.  Well don't you know he loved the stuff and ended up eating the whole 
package.  lol!
After our first sugar-free Easter, my parents put small gifts in our 
baskets, and I was the envy of everybody in the neighborhood.
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