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[IP] HERE'S a new one

<email @ redacted> writes
Subject: [IP] HERE'S a new one

I was focusing on my breathing while doing Yoga and my puppy, while on my
back, chewed my insulin tubing through.  I have given him 3 tablespoons of
sugar-he's about 6 lbs.-I guess I'll just keep an eye on him-any thoughts
from the group?  Carol T.

My CDE told me that insulin is treated like any other protein in the stomach
in other words it gets digested and has no glucose lowering activity.  This
was when my cat kept playing with my tubing and I was concerned that she
would absorb the insulin if she bit the tubing while I was sleeping.
Unfortunately, Yoyo is now type 2 diabetic and gets insulin shots of her
own.  Beef insulin at $69 a vial.  :-( and no pump for Yoyo!

Enjoy your puppy!
Denise Guerin
Type 1 46 years
Minimed 507  3 years
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