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[IP] Bagels???

Snip>>>>>>>>My CDE said there isn't enough insulin in the world 
to cover the carbs in a bagel - and for me it's true.  Bagels are one 
of the very few foods that I JUST don't eat - not worth 

Geez, I guess my body never got that message - I eat wheat 
bagels several times a week - Carb count is listed about 65, I 
usually eat them plain and toasted - I bolus 8 and never have a 
problem.   The few times I may put a spread on them, I have to 
raise the bolus by 1-2 units, depending on spread.  

Now Pizza, drives me nuts with its delayed rise.  So that is one I 
almost never eat (maybe one or two times a year) but bagels, I eat 
frequently with no problems.  My normal ratio is 1 for 10 carbs, I 
just have to up it  to about 1 - 8 chos. 

Unfortunately, I haven't found anything I can't/won't eat from sushi 
to Godiva.  Bagels, I have never had a problem with. So lets hear it 
loud and let's here it clear...
Y M M V!!!

Bonnie R. 
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