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Re:[IP] Re: What would 10% of an Animas pump cost?

> Sylvia writes:
> <<  I'm not exactly sure how much the Animas is, somewhere around $6800, I
>  think.  If that were to be the price your 10% co-pay would be right around
>  $680 >>
> Yikes!  Is that how much an Animas pump costs in the USA?  In Canada they are
> selling for $5600 in Canadian dollars.  That is only about $3800 U.S.
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

I am sure that price varies from insurance to insurance, depending on
any contracting and what they will allow.  I don't have the EOB for my
pump in front of me but recall that Animas billed about US$5800 for my
pump.  In talking to the different pump companies, I found the same
thing:  Q--How much is does the pump cost? A--Depends on who is buying

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