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[IP] Don Imus and the Pump

Just got an email from one of my JDRF buddies - who tells me there is a
commercial promoting the Imus in the Morning talk show - relating to his
producer, Eddie Scozzare - who is an insulin pumpers.  Imus apparently jokes
that he;d like to "rip the pump off Scozzare so they could watch him flop

A couple of links.....



I opted for another route, sending an email to a bunch of addresses I found
on the WFAN web site, including the station manager, program director, news
director, promotions department, etc.  Here's my letter, along with some of
those email addresses.  Feel free to fire away.  However, keep it
civil and straightforward.  I think that's a better way to go...

Steve Winer


To: email @ redacted; email @ redacted; email @ redacted
Cc: email @ redacted; email @ redacted

To the management of CBS Radio and WFAN Radio:

I have been a long-time listener of the Imus in the Morning show, both
during my residence in New York, in which I listened on WFAN, to my current
residence in Massachusetts, in which I listen on 96.9FM.

However, while I understand Mr. Imus' irreverant style, and his
self-proclaimed status as an equal opportunity offendor, I find a recent
promotional advertisement, which apparently rebroadcast one of his 'bits' to
be personally offensive and WAY over the line.

He suggests that it would be amusing to remove the insulin pump from his
engineer/producer Eddie Scozzare and watch him flounder around on the

I am the father of a 15 year old girl, diagnosed with diabetes in 1997, who
struggles daily with a life-threatening disease with incredible bravery.
The insulin pump she has been wearing since December 1999 has given her life
back, allowing her a life as a teenager, and hopefully helping prevent
long-term implications of diabetes such as heart failure, blindness, and

I suggest Mr. Imus consider a couple of things.  He is the father of a young
child.  I suggest he put himself in the shoes of a parent of a diabetic
child, and consider how he would react to having to stick young Wyatt 8-10
times a day until he bleeds, and give him 3-5 injections of insulin a day
just to keep him alive.

I also suggest that if Mr. Imus thinks it's funny to disconnect a diabetic
from his insulin pump, that he consider this for his next bit.  How about
taking one of those kids with cancer who go to his camp, and stop their
treatments so we can watch them flounder.  Or maybe it's funny to take a
child in a wheelchair and see what happens if you start him rolling down a
hill.  Or maybe, given the injuries Mr. Imus recently suffered when thrown
from a horse, we should put him back on horseback and 'spook' the horse so
we can watch him squirm around trying to catch his breath...  Are these
funny?  Sorry, don't think so, nor do i think making fun of a diabetic with
an insulin pump is either.

I understand the concept of free speech.  I also understand the concept of
bad taste.  My suggestion:  the International headquarters of the Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation is located in Manhattan, about 3 miles from
your studios.  Their annual Walk for the Cure is in September.  The goal of
the JDRF and the Walk is to fund research so that one day, G-d willing, my
daughter Allison and Mr. Scozzare will no longer have to wear their insulin
pumps because there will be a cure.  I think a generous contribution from
WFAN and CBS to the JDRF would go a long way.  IN addition, JDRF sponsors
numerous other fundraisers, including auctions, and perhaps the donation of
some sports memorabilia, tickets, or on-air support for these fundraisers
might be a good first step.

Stephen J. Winer
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