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Re: [IP] Diabetic and trying to conceive

> Does it take a diabetic longer to
> conceive or doesn't that have anything to do with it?

Not really, it took me three months after ending contraception to concieve.
My A1C was 4.3 during the pregnancy and I still lost it, it was molar,
completely non-diabetes related loss. I just went off birth control again
and we didn't "catch" this month either. We're also trying for a Summer
conception as I'm also a teacher. Conception depends on ovulation and yes,
while sometimes, diabetics have ovulatory problems, it is recommended to try
for a year before seeking infertility treatment/evaluation. Age also
matters. No one is as fertile as a 16 year old:) It helps to relax tho, I
stopped keeping my conception calendar and immediately got pregant the next
month when we relaxed. If you're in perfect health other than the diabetes,
it helps to know that not all people ovulate normally or when the calender
says they will. (Day 14 is for the lucky ones, I'm a day 18 or so person:) A
great A1C like yours also helps the other body systems run normally so keep
up the good work! Being overall healthy increases the likelihood of
conception and a happy healthy baby. Sometimes, if you fail,  simply have to
try try again:) Don't lose heart, you just started. It often takes months
for the body systems to ovulate after contraception use. It took me 9 months
after I went off Depo to even menstruate and then another 3 to concieve.

Diabetic pregancy is tough, but worth it, I still believe that whole

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