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[IP] "sugar free" and carbs

Long time ago my doctor told me that sugar free usually means 
that no refined cane sugar is used, however sorbitol, and whole 
mess of others that end in tol - and those that end like glucose, 
fructose, etc, are just a different form of sugar.   and JUST LIKE 

Whenever I see "sugar free" I check the back and sure enough, 
every one of them have a form of sugar in an "tol" or "ose" - and 
sometimes more carbs than the regular "normal" kind.   The only 
time I feel free of sugar is when it says, made with aspartamane, 
splenda, etc., and even then you have to be careful.  

 "Course, I don't want to get off on a rant here, it is just my 
opinion"(along with the experienced facts). 
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