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[IP] Diabetic and trying to conceive

Hi all... I'm looking for advice and/or words of encouragement on a diabetic
pregnancy.  We are hoping to conceive this summer, but it didn't happen in
June.  That leaves July and August.  Our plan was to conceive this summer so
we would have a baby next spring.  I am a teacher and would like to have the
first few months off with a newborn.  I don't have enough sick days to take
much time off if I would deliver during the school year.  I worry about
things going according to "plan" and how it would affect our finances if I
had to take much time off work.  And of course, I am very concerned about my
health and having a healthy baby.  Does it take a diabetic longer to
conceive or doesn't that have anything to do with it?  I've been off birth
control since February, started pumping in March, and have good control.  My
last HbA1c was 5%.  I am a bit disappointed that I didn't get pregnant right
away.  I mean, many teenagers end up pregnant after just one encounter!  I
would appreciate any advice, suggestions or just words of encouragement. I'd
also like to hear about the experiences of others.  Feel free to email me

Thanks in advance,
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