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[IP] Re: waterproof

I<< My CDE who is a staundh MM supporter in her patients
 even surprised me by saying the person had a crack in the pump which would
 have been VERY apparent as (She said) "It was big enough to fit a dime
 into."... >>

    How did this CDE know this??  Did she actually see the pump in question?  
I doubt it.  
    The person that this happened to (having her entire cartridge of insulin 
dumped into her) wrote this list and said that no crack was apparent to her 
at all.  
    I agree that this occurrence was probably some sort of freak type of 
thing.  I just think that everyone should be aware of the possibility of this 
type of thing happening.  I bought Claire's H-tron after learning about this 
incident, even gave the Sales Rep the entire report about it.  And I bought 
the H-tron because I believe it to be the best pump on the market for my 
daughter to use, given all the criteria important to us.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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