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Re: [IP] Re: anyone ever feel like screaming

I just don't understand 
what is
going through her mind when Mom and Dad poke and prod
day after day.  
really upsets me sometimes, but I know I must do it to
keep her alive!

mom to Rachel and Blossom, almost 4, pumping since

I was dxd at age 2 in 1966.  While we didn't have
blood meters back then, there was still a lot of
poking and proding.  I don't remember ever resenting
my parents for it.  It was just part of life.  I was a
teacher for 12 years, and called my folks at least
once a year to tell them how much I apprectiated all
they did.  Not all parents have the ability to deal
with something like DM, and I believe your daughter
will come to realize this as she gets older.  You're a gem!

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