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[IP] [ip] transplantation corneas etc

> I have signed my drivers license and have made it known that I want
> they would need they could have.  I know that the cornea's are not
> by the diabetes.
> CeeDee
> ----------------------------------------------------------
Subject: Re: [IP] dm, driver's license, and organ donors (oh my!)

Where did you hear that the cornea's are not affected by diabetes?  I am an
optician and have heard quite the opposite.  This really makes me concerned
that the Optometrist I work for feels quite different.  Just curious.  Jenni
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Corneas in diabetics tend to be dry and the epithelium, or surface covering,
tends to be fragile and easily damaged. extended wear contacts are not a good
idea for diabetic patients because of this. however, it does not reduce the
value of corneas harvested for transplantation. spot
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