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[IP] Kids feeling different when pumping

> She is worried about sleepovers, swimming this summer.  Very much
>  at an age where being different makes her feel uncomfortable, and we are
>  worried that a pump will make her feel more different

My daughter (age 10 1/2) loves her Animas pump "Elvis" -- Even though she has
to wear it 24/7, she feels like it makes her MORE normal and more like other
kids because she doesn't have to eat at certain times (and in certain
amounts), she doesn't have unexpected lows (that you have to stop everything
and treat), her stable BGs give her so much more energy, etc.  After the
first day, the kids at school don't even notice her pump (it looks like a
pager) . . . And even when it was new they all thought it was way more cool
than shots . . . Her pump is waterproof (not all of them are) and she just
clips to her bathing suit bottoms when she goes in the pool . . . Besides the
resources on the Insulin Pumpers list (which is awesome), you might want to
check out the Kids R Pumpin web site which tells the stories of all kids of
kids of all different ages who are pumpers . . . Here's the link:  <A

you can't tell kids anything. it will make her feel the same by not erecting
more rules and regulations as to what she can do. she might benefit by talking
to a kid who is a pumper or a young teenager who pumps. we are all different
under the skin and her genetics don't show. CamelsRFun is a good site for
kids. spot
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