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: [IP] RE:Fast Take in Hot Weather

From: "Jennifer Barrow" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] RE:Fast Take in Hot Weather

I called Life Scan and asked what the differencre between the Fast Take and
the =
new Ultra was and they said the only difference was the fact that the =
Fast Take takes 15 seconds for a reading and an Ultra one touch takes 5 =
seconds. (There was one other difference, but for the life of me, I =
can't remember it. I just remember that it wasn't that important).
The other difference is that the Ultra operates in a much greater
temperature range.  I've had my Ultra for about 3 weeks, and have left it in
the vehicle several times (in 95 degree weather), and it hasn't given me the
H-- message yet.  I left it in the vehicle all afternoon last week with the
windows up just to see if it would get too hot.  I went outside to test once
or twice, and it didn't ever get too hot to test.  My FastTake gave me the
H-- message all the time, even in 80 degree weather. amd I'd have to put it
in front of the air conditioning vent to cool it off so I could check sugar.
I love the Ultra for that reason first, and for the 5 second reading 2nd.
It's just great.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
maybe so but the strips can be damaged by high temperatures. while the meter
probably is tolerant of high temperatures, the strips which contain glucose
oxidase, an enzyme are not the strips can be damaged in a way that is not
obvious to us. I too love my ultra. spot
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