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[IP] "sugar free" and carbs

Oh, my!  One of my favorite subjects for a rant!   SO MANY products
labeled "sugar free" are HIGHER in carbohydrates than their "regular"
equivalent.  And the vast majority of my Type 2 friends refuse to
believe me when I say that they need to count them in their
diet....after all, "THEY'RE SUGAR FREE!"  When I explain that
carbohydrates are carbohydrates, they look at me like I'm nuts and tell
me they need to keep their SUGAR intake down, not carbohydrates!!!!!!
Ack!!!!  It wouldn't bug me so much if the next conversation didn't
include things like "my doctor said if I keep running 240 in the
morning, he's gonna have to give me some medicine with my diet."  Then
they start with pain in their feet and stomach problems and I could just
SHOOT their doctors/CDE's.

But back to the original thought:  ALWAYS check those labels!  The food
manufacturers DO remove the "sugar" and replace it with other
carbohydrates.  Look at the fat-free salad dressings, too----they
replace the fats with carbohydrates to thicken the dressing some.  You
have to bolus for that salad, too!

I say:  an Oreo tastes better than a lot of those cardboard "sugar free"
cookies and has fewer carbohydrates than most of them!!!!  Count 'em and

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