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[IP] Pizza problems

I just don't manage pizza. The first couple of hours my bg usually settles 
around 9 (162. Then, about 3-4 hours after eating, it raises to around 15 
(270). After correction it drops very slowly, so I need larger correction 
bolus than usual.

I've read about how high fat foods may cause temporary insulin resistance, 
so I guess that's the problem.

What's frustrating me, is that square vave boluses or temp. basal rates 
don't seem to help at all.

Is there anybody out there who experience the same problem? What do you do?

And whats actually happening??

Thanks in advance!
507C 6 mths, going on the D-Tron tomorrow

PS: I would apreciate it if you please could mail directly to this adress: 
email @ redacted
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