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[IP] Waterproof...

Wylieyoung wrote
 Did you realize that in at least one of
> the H-Tron waterproof "scares", the entire cartridge of insulin was
> alledgedly dumped into the persons body?  Over 200 units of insulin were
> delivered in a short space of time.  Now I'm not saying you should change
> what you are doing, because I think I would also do everything the same as
> you. <

Did you also note that numerous attempts to duplicate that happening have
been unsuccessful?  My CDE who is a staundh MM supporter in her patients
even surprised me by saying the person had a crack in the pump which would
have been VERY apparent as (She said) "It was big enough to fit a dime

Ever since the waterproof issue came about I still swam using my H-TRON Plus
(Campus Pool...theft is too risky!!) and no problems at all.

Jenny Sutherland
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