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[IP] Job Interviews

I have always told employers that interviewed me for  a job that i am a
diabetic.  I feel they have the right to know cause if they hire you and
somethi8ng happened after you were hired and they were not told, then i
think it could be grounds for termination because they were not informed of
your medical condition.   I always tell them too, that i can perform any job
they have for me to do.  My current employers (2 + years) knew i was
diabetic when they hired me and have always supported me and they know i can
do my job.  I have been low on some occasions, and when they see sitting
down eating a candy bar they always ask if there is anything they can do to
help and i just tell them to give me about 15 minutes and i will be ok and
nothing has been said about it.  I have taught them what to do in an
emergency if i was found passed out.  In my opinion, i think they have the
right to know that you are diabetic.  Just my opinion.

glenn marks
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