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RE:[IP] carb count for frozen yogurt


 Meha Harthill wrote:
 Sometimes I have a small cup of frozen yogurt (usually from the Golden
Spoon) and inevitably by blood sugar is high after. I always ask to
review their nutritional information and have them weigh the yogurt
before giving it to me. I then bolus accordingly. But according to my
blood sugar, there always seems to be more carbs than they report. The
other unusual thing that I have noticed is that (at least at the Golden
Spoon) their sugar free yogurt supposedly has the same number of grams of
carbs as their regular (both fat free). I don't think this makes sense,
but I'm not a chemist. Why would the remove sugar and put in something
else with equal carbs?Any thoughts?
I don't know about the carb/bolus ratio, but I can tell you that sugar free
foods do not necessarily mean
low carb.  My dietician warned me about this, and even had me compare
regular and sugar free
 "Jelly Belly" jelly beans.  The two are just about the same!  So be careful
with sugar free foods.  Sometimes
you might as well just go ahead and eat the regular stuff!
Hope this helps... Heather
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