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Re: [IP] Forgetting to bolus..

In a message dated 6/18/01 1:10:29 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Subject: [IP] Forgetting to bolus..
> Well yesterday was a bad afternoon. We were all so excited in making 
> Father's
> Day breakfast that we forgot to bolus for Matt's breakfast! He had a bagel
> with an egg ........when we finally realized Matt was out of control, angry
> about something, crying, and yelling and screaming at me, that I would NOT
> give him a shot, cause I like to hurt him!!  So i filled the syringe and 
> gave
> him the injectease and let him hurt himself....lol....his numbers read HI on
> the meter........ahhhhh.....after 2.5 hrs he was down to 149 and feeling 
> much
> better...my question is this....when forgetting to bolus is it the "norm" to
> go sooooo high???  I know bagels are loaded with carbs, i was wondering if
> that's why he went soooo high.......thanks all.
> Mag
I think it is a YMMV thing.  When i forget to bolus i usually am in the 200's 
when I remember to do it, a couple of times I made low 300's.
Never up to HI>
Best to remember and bolus as soon as possible.
It happens....

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