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[IP] RE:Fast Take in Hot Weather

	I called Life Scan and asked what the differencre between the Fast Take and
the =
	new Ultra was and they said the only difference was the fact that the =
	Fast Take takes 15 seconds for a reading and an Ultra one touch takes 5 =
	seconds. (There was one other difference, but for the life of me, I =
	can't remember it. I just remember that it wasn't that important).
The other difference is that the Ultra operates in a much greater
temperature range.  I've had my Ultra for about 3 weeks, and have left it in
the vehicle several times (in 95 degree weather), and it hasn't given me the
H-- message yet.  I left it in the vehicle all afternoon last week with the
windows up just to see if it would get too hot.  I went outside to test once
or twice, and it didn't ever get too hot to test.  My FastTake gave me the
H-- message all the time, even in 80 degree weather. amd I'd have to put it
in front of the air conditioning vent to cool it off so I could check sugar.
I love the Ultra for that reason first, and for the 5 second reading 2nd.
It's just great.
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