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[IP] Re: Type 1 Diabetics Donating Blood

This is a recurring thread on ip.  It seems that
different donation services have different policies,
and different reasons for those policies.  Here (Las
Vegas) we do not have Red Cross and only have United
Blood Services.  They do not accept from dm'ers.  I
have gone up the ladder trying to get an answer. 
They don't really know, just that it's policy and
seem to think that it is to protect the donor.  In
addition to discussing this with the corporate
offices I have sent requests to the local tv news
shows to not report that there is a shortage of
blood when UBS will not accept perfectly good blood
available (mine with no drugs, no alcohol, 119
cholesterol, 5.9 HbA1c, etc.).  I incorrectly
assumed that they would investigate.  It just
depends on where you are at for whether or not you
can contribute.

As far as I'm concerned not using dm'ers because
they used beef insulin decades ago makes as much
sense as not using someone's blood because they ate
beef in the last 10 years.  I don't think there has
been many (any?) cases of mcd in the US.  Many have
taken beef insulin oft longer than 30 years and no
dm'er has contracted mcd. I believe they are just
looking for an excuse.
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