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[IP] Re: Insurance for your pump-insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #221

Pumps are covered as personal property under all homeowners insurance 
policies, and are covered (subject to the deductible) for all perils listed; 
fire, theft, etc.

However, it's best to schedule the pump on an inland marine policy just like 
you would a diamond ring or painting.  That way it's covered for all-risk.  
For example, what if your pump drops on a very hard surface and is damaged?  
If it's not scheduled, there is no coverage, since breakage under this type 
of situation is not a covered peril under the personal property section of 
your homeowners insurance.

If it's scheduled, however, the cost to repair OR replace, if necessary, is 
covered, and usually no deductible.

Rick (insurance company attorney), diabetic 37 yrs, Minimized 508 pumper 2 
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