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Re: [IP] Feeling out of control!

In a message dated 6/18/01 10:34:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> .  Now I feel like I'm sinking back into that state. Feeling sad, 
> powerless, and drained. I've been thinking about talking to a counseler or 
> something. But I'm ashamed and scared too

    First of all, you just had a baby a short time ago, give yourself a 
break!!  You may be (I suspect) going through post pardum depression, I know 
after my daughter was born, I had a heck of a time.  You should NOT feel 
ashamed, it is something that naturally happens to people and something that 
you did not cause to happen.  Even if it is not post pardum and it is 
depression that you've had for a while, it is still nothing to be ashamed of 
and you should talk with a professional about it. You may need to take some 
antidepressants. (I've wrestled with depresskon since I was a teenager and 
back then, all the antidepressants did for you is make you into a zombie. 
Now, they do help a whole lot!! I started taking Wellbutrin and it seems to 
help me a lot. However, everyone is different and the doctors prescribe the 
antidepressants based on what side effect you will get from them.) I know a 
lot of people are against taking drugs. (Lord knows we have enough to deal 
with on that end) but sometimes when you have something like this, you need a 
little more help that just talking with someone. If it is chemical, the 
medication will help you and you may not have to be on it a long time.  
     But like I said in the beginning, you just had a baby and you really 
need to give yourself a break. Your body is still adjusting back to 'normal' 
and sometimes it's not easy. Your family, if you talk with them about all 
this may be more supportive than you thought they'd be. It's your call if you 
wish to speak with them over this but I think it would be a good idea. <IMHO.>
Take care and hope you are feeling better soon, 
Elizabeth and 'Bruno'
who I'm finally getting formal training on tomorrow!!!
Dx 10.01.81  type 1  Htron since 4/21/01 
moving on to my Dtron tomorrow!!!!
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