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Re: [IP] Packing list when traveling

>Clear DayHi everyone,
>     My diabetic son (Johnny, 9yrs. old) and I are going on a trip for one
>week this summer.
>     Would anyone who has time, make out a packing list I could use
>pertaining to pumping.
>     This could help anyone who is traveling for the first time after
>getting a pump.
>     All you experienced pumpers can add things that didn't appear on the
>first list that someone sends out.
> Dianne


Pump manuel
Spare pump
Spare parts:  (piston rod, tappets, cartridge cover)
Spare batteries (3 sets)

Sets and tubing:  (complete set for each day away)
Spare cartridges:  (one for each three days away)

IV Prep:  (two for each day away)
Alcohol wipes
Insulin syringes (or pen)
Spare insulin (and/or pens -one bottle for each week)
Pen caps

Glucometer & back-up  (batteries as well)
Test strips


Food Books
Food Scale
ER Letter
Letter from endo (for customs etc)
Pump cases

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