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Re: [IP] Re: Digests, swimming, & sets

>i don't swim but do wear htron plus in shower and rain. since finding
>out about the water problem i still do, but examine pump from time to
>time for cracks (i know some would be hard to see) mainly i am super
>concious of bumping or dropping it in which case i would rethink
>problem. i guess that would be hard to do with child tho.
>chris parsons
>T1 82 HTRON Plus 99

I wrestled with this issue as well.  I sent my alpha back to D for a full
inspection and they certified it 100% OK for all design uses.  I am careful
to not drop it and inspect it frequently with a bright light.  I use it in
the water when SeaDooing for hours on end and inspect the plunger position
with each drop in bg.  I carry 1300g CHO in the form of three bottles of
"Brown Cow" just in case.  Micheal pointed out that it appears an O/D
usually takes 6 hours+ to be absorbed so a cart dump would not be like
getting x00 units all at once it would be like getting x00 units over 6

To use the H-Tron in Water:  Get it inspected by D and get it inspected
again after a bad drop and inspect frequently.

My decision to use the H-Tron in water saved my life last week when i got
shipwrecked and had to swim for 1.5 hours and then hike for another 1.5
hours.  On MDi i would never had had enough food to cover the peaking N or
U and all that exercise.  The pump allowed me to simply reduce the basal
and walk out alive.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
Type I since 1974.  Disetronic H-Tronplus pump since Dec 2000.  Please
donate to the Insulin Pumpers Organization:

To date:  The Insulin Infusion Pump as improved my average blood glucose by
50% and lowered the A1C from 9.2 to 5.1 after 27 years of very poor control
on MDI.
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