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Re: [IP] A Query

>Thanks to everyone who responded about the issue of drivers licenses and
>diabetes (having them suspended/taken away due to accidents caused by low
>blood sugars).  What  I found out is it varies greatly from State to state.
>What I have to find out now is how it works here in Canada from province.
>Barb, mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly

Barb & all,

In order for me to get a Nova Scotia drivers' license when i was 16 the
Registry   of MV made me get a letter form my doctor citing my medical
history and stating that I had good control and should be able to handle a
MV.  NOte that good control in those days was a HEA1C of 12-15.  Needless
to say hypo unawareness was unheard of.  The letter was submitted to the NS
Medical Review Board and in time they forwarded the Registry a form
allowing them to license me.  I thinkk the process took about two months.

If one chooses to not check the box asking of you have IDD, you can avoid
this hassel but if you should ever be in an accident and your bg is found
to be outside of normal range you can be charged with up to an indictable

Licensing for kids with D in NS should be no problem as long ther is no
history of hypo-unawareness.


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