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[IP] Never Tell in Interview

Shannon Said:
>>>SNIP What have others on pumpers.org done in job interviews
I'm wondering?  And what were your reasons for telling or not telling 
about your condition?<<<<<<<<SNIP

Shannon, Never, ever mention your disease  in an interview.  
Companies will probably as "Is there any reason you would not be 
able to perform this work as described?"  You say no (unless of 
course there is an obvious reason.  Reasonable accomodations are 
required of all companies over a certain size.(15??)

I never say a word.   If you tend to get nervous at interviews, you 
may go low, be sure and let your BG be a little high, or suspend to 
avoid any reaction.  

Now, after you are hired, signed letter, etc., it is smart to tell your 
co-workers so that they know whats up when you get pasty and 
sweaty and start grabbing for any body's candy on their desk and 
stuffing your face as I have done a time or two.  Geez, some 
people look at you kind weird when you do that.  But any co-
workers you are friends with, will help take care of you. 
Bonnie Richardson

There is no reason for anyone to know about anything in your 
health unless you have a visable handicap.   Employers will 
certainly be prejudiced about what you may do to their insurance.  
Illegal, yes, but it will be done.  
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