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[IP] Camp & pumping, but I really meant traveling in general

Clear Day     My thanks goes out to those who answered my question about
what I might need to bring with me when I bring my son to camp.  Johnny had
gone to camp last year (not pumping then, on MDI) and I knew he wasn't to
bring any medical supply because they supplied them, what I really meant,
but didn't make it quite clear is, what should I pack for the trip there.
     I should have asked, "anyone who travels, what do you pack that I might
not think of (other than the necessities i.e. infussion set, tape dresing,
i.v. prep and supplies, as if he was still on MDI, in case something
happenes to his pump)"
     We live in Michigan and we kind of make this our summer vacation of
sorts.  The day camp that Johnny goes to (DYP Camp) is in Ohio.  We stay at
a hotel there for the week. I drop him off at 7:30,  pick him up at 4:30.
Then we go back to the hotel, eat at 5:30 then he goes swimming in the pool
most of the night till bedtime. We usually go with another family or two
from Michigan who have a child that's diabetic.  We all stay at the same
hotel.  It's a fun get away.  While the kids are at camp, the parents get
together and talk about what's going on in our lives with our kids and of
course we "shop". What woman doesn't!  We might all go out to the same place
for dinner, then we meet at the pool after.  It's great.  This is the first
year anyone has been on the pump. (there's actually going to be 2 of the 3
diabetic kids that go who will be on pumps this year).
     If there's anyone out there that has time, would you compose a packing
list for traveling?  This might help others who travel.  Anyone can add on
things that they bring that aren't on someone elses list.
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