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Re: [IP] RE: Signs of low blood sugar

This is mye worst hypo experiense:

It was wen I was at "folk highschool" (a Scandinaivian kind of self chosen 
school where you live for one year). I was standing outside talking with the 
parents of my room mate, when I suddenly felt a bit weird. But i just didn't 
want to know about having a hypo, since that would cause me to leave in a 
rush. Therefore I kept on talking until I (according to what I've been told) 
acted like stoned or something. Then I went to my room. I could barely stand 
on my feet, so I half crawled through the corridor. The last thing I 
remember is opening the door to my room.

Later I found my self on the floor with an emptyed pack of glucose gel in my 
hand !!! I must hav had that gel just in the nick of time-I don't remember a 
thing about eating it. When I tested my bs was 1,8 (32).

That was on MDI. After going on the pump, adrenalin kick hypos come far less 
frequent. I notice bs below 4 (72) though.

I get early hypo symptoms if my bs drops fast. In other words YMMV

Best wishes to all

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>Subject: [IP] RE: Signs of low blood sugar
>Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 13:32:58 -0700
>I remember feeling great when very low.  A couple
>times I thought that having an unexplained (to me)
>low meant that I was cured and I was so happy that I
>no longer had dm.  Of course this turned into
>depression when I realized That I was not cured
>after going too high.
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