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[IP] Since I know you all enjoy humor....

Ok, here's one for you all, I know how we all enjoy a good laugh....

Last night at 4am (ok, this morning) I got up to use the restroom and was 
EXTREMELY groggy. As I tripped and stumbled into the bathroom, I didn't even 
bother turning on the light for fear of blinding myself.  Now, a few of you 
know that I was recently in the hospital and am having to deal with 2 pumps 
right now, one for insulin, the other for antibiotics. So, while wrestling 
with all kinds of tubing, I had to take my insulin pump out of my pocket so I 
wouldn't yank the site out of my tummy. (I'm still using my Htron til I'm 
trained on my Dtron on Tuesday) Well, in all my grogginess and of course 
being a total KLUTZ, I dropped the darn thing right in the toilet!!!!  Ok, 
now for the question...... Is it worse to A) Drop the Htron (non waterproof) 
into the toilet or B) rinse it off because you did????  LOL  That woke me up 
right away, of course I'm glad no one was awake to hear me cusing at myself 
at 4 am as I'm rinsing off my pump and stumbling back to bed!!!  Geez, do 
things like that always have to happen at times like that? Couldn't happen 
when I'm actually awake with all kinds of time on my hands, huh?    Oh 
well.... thought you all could use a laugh, I know I could!!!
Have a happy Father's Day!!!!
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