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[IP] Help - I'm back on shots!!

Thanks to everyone who wrote me with advice on the transitionback to shots.  I survived having my pump die from electrostatic shock on Saturday morning.  My CDE got back in town this afternoon (Sunday) and angel that she is) went by her office to check messages.  She called me immediately and asked if I wanted to use one of her loaners.  So, I'm back on the pump again.

The things I learned:

1)Always have your current basals written down.  Luckily I knew mine but, kept second guessing myself when they were all erased.

2)Even though I had decreased my total insulin by 25% when I started the pump, I didn't need to increase when I went back to shots.  This is because I wasn't using NPH or Lente.  The instability of the longer acting insulin was the reason for the difference.

3) Taking Regular every 5-6 hours can cover your basals. (I took lots of 2 or 3 U shots.

4) It's no fun taking eight shots a day :).

5) It is important to keep dryer sheets in all your cases!!!!!Especially if you use a the belt type at night.

5)Minimed has developed a new leather case in the last 3 months that guards against static electricity shock. They are sending me one.  You might want to ask for one the next time you talk to them.:).

Thanks again for all your help.

Babs Moffett
Dx 36 yrs Pumping 14 mos.
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