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[IP] Type 1 Diabetics Donating Blood

- --- email @ redacted wrote:

> maybe I'm naive, but why wouldn't they take a
> diabetics blood?  The only  thing I could think
> of is some possible extra sugar,  but a non-
> diabetics pancreas would get rid of that in no
> time i'm sure!  Is there some other reason
> I'm not thinking of?

> Sharon


About three years ago there was a blood drive @
work.  I asked one of the nurses If I could donate.
Surprising she said yes I could as long as my BG
was under control.  COOL!  So I did.

Last year I tried to donate again at another work
related blood drive.  This time I was told because
I had taken beef insulin for so many years (20 +
years before synthetic human insulin came along.)
That I was no longer allowed to donate.  Seems
that the blood bank was worried about Mad
Cow Desiese.  She went on to say that there
was no way to check donated blood for MCD,
and that the MCD can take up to 30 years to
show up in your system.  This policy was in
place for anyone who had taken any type of
beef related product internally, not just
Type 1's who had used beef based insulin.

News to me.  Bummer. I've only had one
chance to donate.

I guess it's better to be paranoid & protect
the blood supply.

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