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[IP] Hypertrophy at Pump sites?

Hi all:  My son is 5, pumping 10.5 months.

Pre-pump he developed a "pouchy" tummy from getting his shots there all the
time. After pumping about 2 months the tummy went away. I think it is called

We started pumping using his tummy for sites and after switching to SILS in
month 3 we started using his back (love handle) area. Well I am noticing in
the last couple months that he is getting "pouchy" looking love handles areas
where we have been putting sets.  We rotate all over the back area (near his
belt line) but those spots are concerning me now.

I am thinking I need to use more areas just to give those spots a break and
hopefully they too will go away after a couple months. SO, for you pros out
there I need to know if I should go lower into the butt area?  Maybe parents
would know this answer better as far as lasting-time for the sets? Is that
area bad for falls and bumps and coming out?

Anyone think I should work around to the tummy area again?  I loved using the
lower back as the numbers were very consistent and the sites lasted 3 full
days. I found the tummy was not as good, but amw illing to try again.

Please let me know as soon as possible as it is set change day tomorrow! :-)

Thanks as usual folks!
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