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[IP] Signs of low blood sugar: Euphoria, anyone?

The lowest BS I can recall resulted in a feeling of complete euphoria.  I
had no desire to treat it.  I was backpacking one winter in the Smokies
with a few friends.  I was in my sleeping bag, thinking it was kinda warm.
I asked my bro-in-law if he was hot.  He replied that he was toasty in his
bag.  The outside temp was about 5F (-15C).  A few minutes (I suppose)
later, I was completely unzipped, on top of my bag and evidently talking
out of my head. My brother-in-law (also a family doc) realized that I was
hypo and he trudged out in the snow to get something sweet from our food
bag (which was hung high in the air to discourage bears).  I remember
while he was gone, my feelings going from one of hot and sweaty to one of
absolute euphoria.  I was overcome with calm.  I had no desire to move,
eat, get in my sleeping bag, or anything; I started to drift off.  When my
brother-in-law returned, he had a very tough time getting my to eat
anything (so he tells me).  He brought back Tang (undissolved) which I
told him to eat himself. Eventually, he got me to eat some (a strip vial
full, about 30g) and I fell asleep.  I woke up later, soaking wet, cold,
but cognizant.  I tested--29 mg/mL.  I ate some GU (carbo gel) that I had
had in the tent all along.  Unfortunately, hadn't the good sense to eat it
earlier.  I am lucky that I was tenting with a doctor who recognized what
was happening. Has anyone else had euphoria as a hypo symptom?  Ravenous
hunger is a good symptom, but a symptom like euphoria that discourages
treatment seems counter intuitive (and dangerous!)

BTW, I was on MDI at the time, but have found that my insulin needs drop
by more than 50% when winter backpacking.

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