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Re: Re: [IP] dm, driver's license, and organ donors (oh my!)

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> <>
> maybe I'm naive, but why wouldn't they take a
> diabetics blood?  The only 
> thing I could think of is some possible extra sugar,
> but a non diabetics 
> pancreas would get rid of that in no time i'm sure! 
> Is there some other 
> reason I'm not thinking of?
> Sharon

   I'm not sure whether this is right or not,but
according to my doc the reason taking a diabetic's
blood is acceptiable is because they add sugar anyway
to the blood donation.Or maybe its just in the bag
before blood is drawn,and just gets mixed around when
blood is donated.Doesn't the label say
glysolated,which would mean there's some sort of sugar
mixed in with the blood? They give sugar anyway(via
IV) for increasing energy,so I wouldn't think it'd
matter how it got in there.(from blood or IV solution)

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