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[IP] donating blood, running marathons, and insurance coverage

Since my dx in February of 1999, I have donated blood every 56 days (same as
before).  The first time, they had some difficulties and called the Twin
Cities office.  The doc there said "is this on the list of reasons for
refusal?"  No.  "Then why are you calling me?".  Loved the answer.  BTW,
they draw my blood for the neonatal ICU units.  After all, it's not as if
there's some fatal flaw in my hemoglobin.  As someone else said, at the
worst there would be some additional glucose which a normal pancreas would
quickly clear out.

Congratulations to all you had such success in controlling glucose levels
during marathons.  Friday night we were doing Team D recruiting at the
health fair associated with our local marathon (about 10,000 participants)
and a young man came by with his parents.  He was Type 1 and was going to
run the full the next day and wanted to know who could help if he needed it.
We told him about 15 people would be running, wearing their Team D singlets
(even though this wasn't an an official Team D event) and just find one of
them.  In the paper this am in the wrapup article, they mentioned that 150
persons were treated for dehydration, cramps, etc, and that "a number of
diabetic marathoners" required treatment for low blood sugars.

Got notice from my insurance company Wednesday that my claim had been denied
due to absence of referall from my PCP.  Almost fell through the floor.
Called Thursday morning--talked to the customer service representation who
said, "Supplies don't require a referral; that was a mistake; don't worry;
we'll run the claim again today."

Kris--pumping since 5/30/01 and happy as a clam
Aiming at Rome in 2002
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