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Re: [IP] Signs of low blood sugar

James wrote:
 I remember being told by a nurse at Emory
> (this was when meters were first introduced) that their patents who had been
> in poor control experienced the feelings of hypoglycemia when their blood
> got into normal range.-James

my former endo was a pump wearer. i found out from a CDE who worked with
him that he characteristically kept himself on the very low side. he
told me that the wierd feelings of a hypo for longterm diabetic came
from the absolute and rapid drop in BG, not the low BG itself. 

this was in answer to a question i asked him: i was visiting friends and
in bed. i was doing a puzzle, a double acrostic which are very tricky
and difficult and which i had not done very much so i was learning how
to do them. i was making great progress and solved about 2/3 of the
puzzle when i realized i felt a tad strange so checked my BG. i was 28.
my question to him was how could i be so low and still mentally agile?
that's when he told me the above.

chris parsons
T1 82 HTRON Plus 99
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