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[IP] Glucose Meters & heat (was Marathons)

> From: WITMER Lynn
> Subject: marathons

> Amy,


> Of course, it's important to do blood tests regularly.  I know one runner
> attached a velcro strap to his glucose meter and wore it like a watch.  He
> was able to test during runs without stopping.  Those of us less concerned
> about time will stop beside the road for a quick test and some carbs if
> needed.

> Lynn

This bring up a question for the group....

Are there any glucose meters that are NOT heat sensitive?  I've just started
do the self-contained bicycle touring again after laying off any riding for

I try to check before / during / after any rides of more than 2 or 3 miles.
But it
seems like 95% of my checks during the ride I get a H--- error on my
Have to keep in the shade to cool it down 5 - 10 minutes or more before I can
Being on a bike and (sometimes miles from where ever), I can't pack ice or
cold soda can in my bags to keep things cold for very long.   Last week I did
a all
day training ride in sunny 80 degree weather. It seemed like I wasted a lot of
time for each hourly / several spot tests during the ride waiting for the
meter to
cool down after it came out of my bag.

How someone could wear their meter like a watch & sweat / heat all over it
running a marathon would be a neat trick.


(Two more months till I get my CDE to OK a pump! Can't wait!!)
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