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[IP] Re: Signs of low blood sugar & Josh

In a message dated 6/16/01 11:51:12 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> This has NEVER happened 
> before and I was just wondering if others have had something similar 
> happen, 
> where the rebound makes you get the low symptoms??!!!
The mind is a powerful thing, and I'm not saying this is necessarily the case 
here, but sometimes I can go very low like to 29 and not have symptoms.  I 
think when I drop really fast, I feel fewer symptoms than if I'm lingering 
around a low number, even say 60.
Anyway, sometimes when I'm really, really low like in the 20s or 30s, I won't 
feel a thing, but AS SOON AS I test and see that my sugar is low, I begin to 
feel the symptoms like ten-fold!
Of course it's not all in the mind, but it seems like with ME, if I don't 
feel them--which I usually don't-- but then SEE them, I begin feeling it 
But then again, I'm weird....LOL
Hope he's feeling better!
BTW, how did a lunchable bring his sugar up from 29?  Doesn't he treat with 
glucose tabs or something more concentrated in sugars?  Or did he drink one 
of those yummy Capri-Suns they used to put in those (don't know if they still 
do)?  I used to LOVE thoese, but of course I could never have any UNLESS I 
was low....YUM!
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