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Re: [IP] Signs of low blood sugar

Something frightening and weird happened to Joshua today.  We changed out his 
site (was due!) and then he went about his day, which included some TV 
watching and some chores and playing outside.  About 12:30 this afternoon and 
was riding the lawnmower and stopped to have Josh re-check his BGs.  He 
didn't want to at first but decided he would.  He was feeling fine at this 

  Well, he came back out and said his BGs were 28...28...I couldn't believe 
it!!! He said he felt fine, maybe even a little HIGH!!! but not 28.....  So 
he ate a large lunchable and some Smarties too.  

  Well, here is the weird part.  As the food started to bring his BGs up he 
started to feel shaky, tired and sort of sickish.  This has NEVER happened 
before and I was just wondering if others have had something similar happen, 
where the rebound makes you get the low symptoms??!!!

mom to Joshua
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