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[IP] Help-I'm back on shots!

Hi All,
    My 508 pump suffered from electrostatic shock last night while I was sleeping.  I woke up with a frozen screen.  I immediately changed batteries and got an E01 error message.  Everything was zeroed out.  So, I called MM and we did a pump test.  Then said I needed to reset everything.  I told them I was comfortable doing that myself and said good-bye.  I set the time - no prob.  Then when I went to reset the basals the screen kept blanking out.  I called MM.  This guy told me to clean all the battery conduits with alcohol and rub the battery with computer paper.  I did that.  It worked.  I got everything set.  My blood sugar was only up to 200 by then.  So, I gave myself a bolus for the basal I had missed and enough for
breakfast.  Worked just fine.  Then I remembered  I was supposed to change infusion sets this morning.  So,   I proceeded to take a shower and get everything ready.  Well, I got as far as the part where I use the pump to prime and it started acting up again.  This time I was told to just quit using it and they would send me a loner on Monday.  They ask if I had a plan as to how to start taking shots again.  I told them I did but, when I looked it up - the zillions of pump info I have - All it says is take Regular for Basal and Humolog for boluses.  Well, that's easier said than done.  How much Humalog and how much Regular?  My CDE is out of town and my Dr.  knows nothing.  I know when I started on the pump I reduced my insulin by
25%.  So I'm assuming I have to take 25% more.  I called MM to ask if they had any help and they said they couldn't prescribe medicine, I should check with my Dr.  Well, that won't work.  I'm  assuming I can count on R to hold my basal for about 5 hrs.  So, at noon I took 5 R and 5H with lunch.  At 5pm I did the same thing but, we had company and ended up not eating till 6:30.  So, now after eating way more than I usually would I'm at 63 at 7:15.  I'm not that worried, I can continue to guess but, I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience this and could give me any suggestions on how to survive till Monday.   I'm on the digest so please email me directly.


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