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[IP] digests, swimming, & sets

First, just a thank you to the IP list administrators for whatever magic
they use to keep this digest legible and free of most of the extraneous
garbage that results from various types of email signatures, graphics,
attachments, etc.   It was with regret and some real sadness that I had to
unsubscribe today to the parents' list of childrenwithdiabetes.com, after
nearly 3 years. That list saved my sanity 6 months after my daughter's
diagnosis at age 3, but some of the digests are now over 250k and take far
too long to download, much less open/peruse/respond to.
     Anyway--about swimming with the pump:
My daughter swims five to seven days a week, year-round, wearing her
Disetronic the whole time.  We weighed the facts about the recent scare
concerning D pumps possibly being affected by water and decided to continue
to let her swim attached because 1) we still feel secure about the pump's
initial waterproof claims, 2) we figure we check BG often enough to catch
any unexpected lows if it did malfunction, 3) disconnecting and
reconnecting many times seems to increase the chance of the cannula getting
dislodged or crimped, and 4) Annie tends to run high a few hours after
spending any length of time disconnected.  We do unplug for baths and
showers, but only because there's no place to clip the pumpcase when she's
     About keeping sets from coming off when wet:
We use the tender/silhouette with no "safety loop" or taping of any kind.
We just clean the site with an alcohol swab, wipe it with an IV prep swab,
and then paint the area with tincture of benzoin (aka gorilla snot).  We
let it all dry until tacky and insert the set, priming about 0.8 units.  We
insert the needle very shallowly, and not nearly to its hilt, in fact you
see tubing through the entire diameter of the clear "window."  The tender
stays on through many hours/days of swimming and running around in wet
bathing suits.  In fact, since we try to leave the old set on for a few
hours after changing to a new one, she often wears two sets for several
days before we remember to remove the extra one with a Unisolve wipe.  Just
sent her off to a week of diabetes camp with a set in each cheek because we
forgot to take off the old one before we left home!
     One thing that may affect our success with sets sticking is that we
typically use the upper buttocks or outer, upper thighs where the skin
doesn't tend to bend and flex around as much.  Belly sets do come loose

Charlotte, proud mama of 7 yr old Annie
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