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Hi Shannon,

After my heart surgery and having been diabetic for over 25 years, I started wearing a medical
alert bracelet.  During an interview, on of the interviewers asked if I was Diabetic.  I truthfully
answere that I was and under good control at that time (which, I honestly was).  I didn't get the

The next interview I took off my bracelet and didn't mention anything about health problems at
all.  I got that job, which lasted for two years until I am to be layed off due to budget cuts.

I would advise not voluntarily disclosing your health history -- unless you are looking for job
placement through vocational rehabilitation or something like that.  Unless it's very germane to
the job, your health history has no business in an interview setting and is in fact illegal if
asked.  However, once you slide that slippery slope, it's difficult to prove discrimination and you
could make it harder to get hired.

Good luck with your interview!  I'm going sometime next week or the week after for a teaching

> Hi Folks,
> By the time I get any responses to this, my job interview may well be over,
> but I'm going to ask out of sheer curiosity.  Tomorrow I have a job
> interview and I plan to NOT disclose my diabetes unless I am asked about my
> health.  If I get the job then I will tell my co-workers in case of an
> emergency situation.  What have others on pumpers.org done in job interviews
> I'm wondering?  And what were your reasons for telling or not telling about
> your condition?
> Thanks in advance,
> Shannon
> email @ redacted
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