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Re: [IP] softset questions


  The one ting about using ANY set that goes in at 90 degree angle is to make 
sure it isn't getting too close to mucsle.  Since your thighs are usually 
very muscular this can be aproblem.  That is why most people using arms and 
legs will use the Sil/Tender style set and use the Sof-Sets/Quick 
Set/Ultraflex style for tummy and hiney aread, where there is more fatty 
tissue to insert into and stay away from the muscle.  Remember that if 
irritated enough by the canula, the muscle WILL push it out of the way and 
usually right out the hole.  This happened with my Joshua, age 9, VERY 
skinny!  And it was on his tummy!!!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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