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Re: [IP] A Query....

In a message dated 6/15/01 11:47:22 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> It is different from state to state the necessary steps to even get a 
> license.  In WA I had to get a doctors certification every year and there 
> was a Medical alert on my drivers license.  Getting insurance was also a 
> real pain in the you know what.  In WA you would have your licensed 
> suspended for an accident if not lose it

I got my license renewed yesterday here in MO.  I asked on the phone about 
the diabetes issue in some states and if MO has similar requirements for dr's 
letters, etc.  I was told that you only need a dr's letter if someone in your 
family has reported you as being unsafe to drive or your dr has.  Otherwise, 
when they ask the question about having any condition that would make it 
unsafe to drive and you answer you have diabetes, they will ask if you are in 
good control?  You say yes and they just go on.  
I was very relieved to hear this.  Now this license is good for 6 years.
Who knows what the rules will be by then.
I have no idea what happens if you cause an accident because of being low 
here though.

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