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Re: [IP] Insurance withdrew approval

> Hi,
> You are not alone in the insurance hassle. After hearing your story
> I am a little nervous about my daughter's approval. I was told last
> week it went to the director for approval and i should hear in a few
> days...what do you do if you are denied?

You keep plugging away. Since the Insulin Pumpers forum was started, 
there has never been a person denied that persisted. Sometimes it 
takes many months and several denials, but the insurance company is 
under contract to provide you medical coverage as prescribed by your 
physician unless it is SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED in the language of your 
conract of insurance. So far I've never heard of an insurance 
contract that says " pumps are not covered ".

Appeal the decision. Don't be side tracked by comments from the Ins 
Co. that your a1c's are too high/low, that your are blah... blah... 
etc... Bring the subject of discussion back to the contract of 
insurance, the doctors order and letter of medical necessity and 
their obligation to provide service pursuant to the contract 
language. Your selected pump company will assist you. Each company 
has people on staff whose whole purpose in life it to get the 
insurance companies to comply. Have faith, it will happen eventually 

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