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Re: [IP] 1ST HbAiC since going on pump

My bolus is timed according to my BS i.e., 70 or lower eat 1st bolus after, 
70-120 bolus then eat, 120-160 bolus 15min before eat, etc.

I can say the pump has made a great improvement in the quality of my life. I 
have several types of heart disease-my gift from my Dad and complicated by 

This past DEC. I opted to not go on a beta blocker due to the fact that they 
cause hypo unawareness, now that I have better control of blood sugars and 
can tell I'm going low in the 80's I will be going back to the hospital to be 
taken off a calcium channel blocker and put on a beta blocker. People on beta 
blockers have a great chance of living a longer life with CHF, cardiomyopthy, 
CAD, small vessel disease.

Now you know why I'm so excited.

Pumping and Proud Of It,
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