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[IP] extreme hypos

reading about the various signs and sensations of a hypo, or lack of
them raises the following question: what do you experience during an
extreme hypo, ie you have passed out and are having seizures?

i haven't been in this situation in about 10 years, but for awhile my
MDI was out of whack and i had too many unconcious episodes. the weird
thing was that during this period what i would experience was thw same
thing i had been experiencing before passing out over and over again, ie
one time the last thing i did before unconciousness was ask my dad what
time it was. then, while passed out, on the floor and seizing, i
experienced that moment over and over again, like an endless loop,
vaguely aware that the endless repetition indicated some kind of
problem. it was like being stuck in a dream moment. then i came to
surrounded by paramedics.

as i said this only happened during one period of my life, maybe 9
months, and i've always wondered about it. has anyone else experienced
anything like this?

chris parsons
T1 82 HTRON Plus 99
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